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A Guide to small-scale marine Finfish Hatchery technology

This guide provides an outline of the requirements to establish a small-scale marine finfish hatchery, particularly the economic aspects. It provides some basic technical information in order to give an indication of the level of technical expertise necessary for operation. Additional resources, such as training courses in marine finfish hatchery production are listed.

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A Manual for Commercial Production of the Swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri

The information presented in this manuals was designed to help farmers with the commercial production of ornamental fish in Hawaii and does not necessarily apply to all locations and conditions. The methods described could be applied to other livebearing fishes such as the molly, the guppy, and the platy

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A Manual for Commercial Production of the Tiger Barb, Capoeta tetrazona, A Temporary Paired Tank Spawner

The information presented in this manuals was designed to help farmers with the commercial production of ornamental fish in Hawaii and does not necessarily apply to all locations and conditions.  Although this manual is directed to the culture of C. tetrazona, the methods described are also applicable to other members of the barb family, which have similar reproductive strategies

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A regional shellfish hatchery for the Wider Caribbean: Assessing its feasibility and sustainability

This document is the proceedings of a workshop organized by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on assessing the feasibility and sustainability of establishing a regional shellfish hatchery for the Wider Caribbean. The workshop, held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 18 to 21 October 2011 was a direct result of the interest expressed by the Caribbean Governments in assessing the potential for this shared facility for native species. The concept was recommended in several previous regional meetings, and the current document presents a more thorough assessment of government interests, needs and culture potential for native shellfish species

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Abalone Hatchery Manual

Abalone are a very high value shellfish with prices of up 70€/kg commonplace. The Irish abalone industry has been slow to develop but in more recent years with the successful establishment of a number of commercial hatcheries around the south and west coasts, in addition to developments in land-based recirculation technologies.

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Advances in Breeding and Rearing Marine Ornamentals

This work addresses the most relevant advances in the breeding and rearing of marine ornamental species. The main breakthroughs in marine ornamental fish culture are discussed, with seahorses deserving a section of their own as a result of their conservation status and unique biology

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An illustrated hatchery guide for the production of clawed lobsters (Using a green water technique)

The objective of this project was to establish reliable and low cost methods for culturing European clawed lobsters (Homarus gammarus) under controlled conditions to a size suitable for their release into the wild.

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Aquaculture facilities and equipment

This book is a practical resource on the technical aspects to understand a high-performance aquaculture facility, its design and form, and the materials and systems used within the facility.

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Aquaculture Health Management: Design and Operation Approaches

This book covers the broad spectrum of fish and shellfish health, the functional roles of pathogen emergence and the impacts of nutrition and preventative medicine such as pre- and probiotics, as well as chemical treatments, relevant legislation and more.

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Aquaculture Pathophysiology

Aquaculture Pathophysiology is a two-volume resource for researchers, teachers, students, diagnostic laboratory scientists, aquaculture technicians, and farmers who need to be competent across both finfish and shellfish health issues.

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Aquaculture Pharmacology book

With the burgeoning international aquaculture expansion, this new book provides an understanding of practical drug information for the aquaculture industry.

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Better Management Practices (BMP) Manual for Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) Hatcheries in Viet Nam

Vietnam has produced black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) seed for nearly 20 years but growth has been limited by various health and management issues. This document focuses on the implementation of BMPs for black tiger shrimp hatcheries covering all critical stages and processes in the production cycle.

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Better management practices for tilapia hatcheries in Egypt

These WorldFish guidelines have been developed to document optimal, locally appropriate management practices in tilapia hatcheries in Egypt.

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Biology and Culture of the Hard Clam (Mercenaria mercenaria)

Manual for production of the Hard Clam. 

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Catfish 2010: Part I: Reference of Catfish Health and Production Practices in the United States, 2009

The Catfish 2010 study is the third investigation of the industry by the National Animal Health Monitoring System. This study is a broad look at management, production, and health practices across the various facets of the catfish industry, including breeding, hatching, and foodsize-fish growout. This report focuses on the breeding and hatching components of the industry.

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Diagnostic manual for European seabass and seabream

An up-to-date guideline providing current methodologies for a harmonized approach to the health challenges due to viral and bacterial pathogens in the farming of seabass and seabream.

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Do Cues Matter? Highly Inductive Settlement Cues Don't Ensure High Post-Settlement Survival in Sea Urchin Aquaculture

The objective of this study was to investigate ways to increase survival in the transition from planktonic larvae to macroalgae-consuming benthic juveniles in the aquaculture of the tropical sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla.

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Fish farmer’s guide to combat parasitic infections in salmon, gilthead seabream and European seabass, turbot and common carp

The series of guides to combating fish parasite infections in aquaculture aims to assist fish farmers in the detection of parasites affecting the main European farmed species.

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Freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii farming in Pacific Island countries: Hatchery Operation

The farming of freshwater prawn is expanding in Fiji and in the Pacific. The grow-out sector of the industry depends entirely on hatchery-produced postlarvae, and the primary problem facing this ‘infant’ industry is the unavailability of postlarvae. Due to expansion in production and the trend towards intensification of prawn farming, there will be a need for development of more hatcheries for production of postlarvae to meet the demands in the Pacific Island countries...Read More.  

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Guidelines for managing aeration and water quality in fish hatcheries and nurseries in Bangladesh

These WorldFish guidelines aim to guide hatchery owners and nursery farmers in water quality management to improve the survival and quality of fish seed produced.

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