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Nofima releases highlights from research on closed aquaculture systems

Over the past eight years, the center has created a wealth of knowledge that is now available through a collection of free fact sheets.

Single-RAS units at Nofima at Sunndalsøra. Credits: Terje Aamodt, Nofima
November 21, 2023

From 2015 to 2023, Nofima hosted the Centre for Research-Based Innovation (SFI) in Closed-Containment Aquaculture – CtrlAQUA. The main goal of CtrlAQUA was to develop technological and biological innovations that will make aquaculture closed systems, RAS and semi-closed systems, a reliable and economically viable technology.

Together with its partners in industry and research, Nofima has created a lot of knowledge that is now available through a collection of fact sheets. They give a quick insight into the most valuable highlights from the center.

“We are presenting highlights and recommendations without much information on the premises behind the research. We, therefore, encourage you to seek more and deeper information if you find the content interesting and want to implement the research in your production. You can do that by seeking the information in the “Read more” list or contact the lead scientist,” Nofima said.

Find below links to the fact sheets with highlights relevant to RAS systems, semi-closed systems and neutral or applicable to both technologies.

Find more information in the report summarizing the eight years here.

Relevant for RAS-systems