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Manual on Artemia production and use

A new FAO manual on Artemia brings updated knowledge on its biology, production and use.

June 7, 2024

The FAO publication on brine shrimp is a manual for all those who are using Artemia or have an interest in this organism, whether as a source of live food in the hatchery, as a model organism in research, or for other purposes.

It is intended for those who wish to update their knowledge on its biology, production or use, but also for those who want to learn about Artemia for the first time. A team of leading Artemia experts from around the globe with diverse backgrounds, expertise and working in research, education and/or the industry have jointly contributed to its writing.

The manual presents in a concise form essential information on Artemia biology and the most important natural cyst resources that find their way to the aquaculture market. It also provides detailed information on general principles and practical procedures to produce Artemia in ponds and tank systems.

The manual offers a compilation of state-of-the-art guidelines and methodologies related to the use of this crucial live food organism in aquaculture. The illustrations, tables and practical worksheets will help the reader implement the correct procedures in the production and use of Artemia.

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Download the manual in the link below as well as supplementary material to download separately.

Manual on Artemia production and use

Supplementary material - in Excel format