Report predicts an exciting future for shrimp industry if “it plays its cards right”

The report, funded by The Global Shrimp Forum Foundation, studied the most effective ways that shrimp consumption can be better promoted.

Credits: Pierre Banoori Photography for Global Shrimp Forum
November 30, 2023

The report, which was funded by The Global Shrimp Forum Foundation (GSFF) using surplus revenue from its event in 2022, aims to educate companies and individuals from across the globe about how to successfully promote the consumption of sustainably produced shrimp.

The report seeks to empower the industry to clearly define its narrative and demonstrate what sets shrimp apart when compared with other more common proteins, highlighting factors such as the nutritional value, versatility, and sustainability of shrimp.

The author of the report, Arnd Jan Gulmans, was commissioned by the GSFF to conduct the research. As an independent marketing and brand consultant, Arnd Jan specializes in helping organizations tell their story and clarify their future direction. Arnd Jan approached this report with fresh eyes on the industry, providing his own unique perspective alongside the knowledge and findings from a wide range of experts and leaders from across the sector.

Arnd Jan said “it has been a fascinating six months conducting this research and writing my findings for the report. The shrimp industry has some very strong cards in its hands, and by playing these cards right, we can seize the opportunities for shrimp.”

Willem van de Pijl, board member and managing director of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation said “this is an exciting time for the future of the industry. The foundation is very grateful to Arnd Jan for conducting this research and we are looking forward to discussing the findings of his report with the wider industry and beyond.”

Read the report here.