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Spring Genetics management team completes buyout from Benchmark

The MBO team led by Hideyoshi Segovia has established a new company that has partnered with Benchmark for the ongoing development of its tilapia selective breeding program.

Credits: Hideyoshi Segovia
October 3, 2023

Spring Genetics completed a management buyout (MBO) of Spring Genetics business from the Benchmark Group. The MBO team led by Hideyoshi Segovia has established a new company, Advanced Aquaculture Biotechnology to execute the MBO and has secured financial backing from solid partners to support further growth and development.

Spring Genetics, an expert in tilapia breeding and genetics, has been at the forefront of advancing sustainable and high-quality tilapia production. The MBO is a significant step in Spring Genetics' journey, enabling the management team to continue pursuing innovation and excellence in the aquaculture industry.

The close collaboration between Spring Genetics and Benchmark has been instrumental in the development of Spring Genetics’ tilapia selective breeding program, which aims to enhance genetic traits related to growth, disease resistance, and sustainability in tilapia. Under the new partnership, Spring Genetics and Benchmark will continue to work together to further develop and enhance the tilapia breeding program.

“The successful management buyout is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aquaculture genetics. We are excited to continue working closely with Benchmark Genetics to advance the tilapia selective breeding program, further benefitting our customers and the industry as a whole,” said Hideyoshi Segovia, CEO of Advanced Aquaculture Biotechnology, in a press release.

“Spring Genetics extends its sincere gratitude to its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners for their steadfast support throughout this transition period. Spring Genetics, under its new ownership at Advanced Aquaculture Biotechnology, remains dedicated to providing top-tier products and services, with a renewed focus on driving innovation and sustainable practices,” Segovia concluded.