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AquaGen strengthens its expertise in supply chain management

Kristin Meyer was appointed as director of supply security to strengthen the supply chain management.

Kristin Meyer, Director of Supply Security at AquaGen. Credits: Studio Prud
October 2, 2023

AquaGen offers genetic starting material for healthy fish, good growth and a low environmental footprint, but delivering the eggs at the right time and in the right quantity is as important as quality genetics. As an important part of this, the company is now strengthening its expertise in supply chain management appointing Kristin Meyer as director of supply security.

Meyer has extensive experience in sales and operations planning (S&OP) in food production. For the past 20 years, she has worked at TINE SA, most recently as head of the department responsible for the supply and use of all milk in Norway. She has held several management positions in her field and her long experience in supply chain management, business support, and production streamlining and forecasting will be very useful for AquaGen. Meyer’s solid experience will contribute to the professionalization of the company’s supply chain planning and security.

Knut Røflo, CEO of AquaGen said that “to deliver what they need when they need it is a promise we make to our customers. Through the appointment of a director for supply security, we expand the management team with special expertise in supply chain management and we are well equipped for an even more holistic approach to our planning work around the needs and supply of our products.”