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Fresh-flo Corp. upgrades transport aerators

With the upgrade, aerators can now see constant use in a fish tank during over-the-road conditions or in a raceway.

transport aerators
The hub inside the support tube on Fresh-flo’s model TT and DT transport aerators has been upgraded to now be made of acetyl homopolymer.
May 4, 2023

Hauling fish creates natural stress on them with even a short-term, ten to thirty minutes, transport requiring constant air/oxygen supply. Fish farmers have used Fresh-flo transport aerators for over 65 years to ensure their stock remains healthy during transport.

With the newest enhancement, the hub inside the stainless-steel bearing support tube is now made of acetyl homopolymer. The hub’s role is to keep the shaft within the tube spinning straight which ensures a consistent influx of oxygen. More commonly known by the brand name Delrin®, the features of acetyl homopolymer are high impact strength and stiffness, little to no expansion nor contraction, creep and temperature resistance, good performance under heavy wear, and very low moisture absorption which makes it perfect for an aerator designed for constant use in a fish tank during over-the-road conditions or in a raceway.

The dependability of Fresh-flo aerators has been proven through continued use in every state and throughout the world. This upgrade supports their ongoing efforts to engineer for long-term performance. The enhancement builds on the change to a stainless-steel bearing support tube that allows the transport aerators to be used in both fresh and salt water.

When fish are transported, even with ideal conditions, it is possible to lose about a half percent of them. The reliability of the aerator placed in the haul tank dramatically affects the water quality and health of the fish delivered. Fresh-flo’s model TT transport aerator is designed for tanks with 100 to 400 gallons capacity and can be placed between two compartments to aerate both. It has a standard pump capacity of 75 gallons per minute, a 45 GPM capacity can be specified for smaller fish. The model DT is designed for small tanks and raceways with a pump capacity of 115 gallons per minute.

Fresh-flo Corporation has been producing products for the aquaculture industry and private pond owners since 1958. In addition to transport aerators, they also manufacture pond aerators, two fish grader models, as well as a bug lite fish feeder. Their products can be found throughout the world in use by fish farmers, hatcheries, and other businesses in the aquaculture industry as well as owners of small private bodies of water including lakes and ponds.