RAS partnership to develop salmon project in Switzerland

Swiss Blue Salmon (SBS) has selected VAQ as the RAS designer for its salmon grow-out farm.

Cementing a strong collaboration at Aqua Nor. Back left to right: Jan Erik Løvik, Jesper N. Nielsen, Marius Hægh, Rudolf Ryf, Sune Møller, & Sondre Høidalen. Front left to right: Madeline E. Brien, Phil Huber and Fabian Massa
August 28, 2023

Swiss Blue Salmon (SBS) has selected VAQ as the RAS designer for its salmon grow-out farm. Switzerland imports approximately 98% of the fish it consumes. This arrives by land or by air, which significantly increases the carbon footprint of seafood consumption in the country. Swiss Blue Salmon (SBS) is planning a salmon grow-out facility that could replace up to 8% of this imported salmon with a locally farmed product.

SBS and VAQ have signed a contract cementing their relationship going forward, in which VAQ is the RAS designer for the 3,400mt (WR) facility. The facility will be located in Canton Glarus at the picturesque Walensee providing pristine water at SBS disposal. SBS vision is to be a sustainable salmon farmer, that also applies state-of-the-art technologies including AI, machine learning, cloud solutions, digitalization, and automatization to make sure that they are at the forefront of the salmon grow-out segment.

“We have spent the past six months reviewing our strategy and developing a clear vision for how we are going to develop and execute our vision in collaboration with our project partners. This has led us to do an extensive assessment of the RAS designers out there and VAQ has come out on top of all the candidates we assessed,” said Sune Møller, CTO at SBS. “VAQ has by no means disappointed us in their early interactions with us. They have brought in a positive attitude to our vision, which has helped develop an instant good chemistry with our in-house team. We therefore look forward to working in close collaboration with their team of experts”.

Marius Hægh, COO at VAQ, commented, “we are very pleased to enter into this project as the RAS designer and will bring all of our know-how to bear in the design of this state-of-the-art facility that SBS has envisioned. We have many years of experience which are complimented well by the team SBS brings to the table. They have a lot of local, Swiss, and international experience, which is needed to deliver a project of this kind successfully”.