New model assesses fish welfare in aquaculture

A group of researchers developed a new app, named MyFishCheck, that categorizes fish welfare from critical, poor, acceptable and good.

New model assesses fish welfare in aquaculture
January 19, 2021

Welfare in animal husbandry includes considerations of biology, ethics, ecology, law and economics. These diverse aspects must be translated into common quantifiable parameters and applicable methods to objectively assess welfare in animals. 

To assist this process in the field of aquaculture, where such methods are largely missing, a group of scientists developed a model to assess fish welfare. A network of information was created to link needs, i.e., fundamental requirements for welfare, with parameters, i.e., quantifiable aspects of welfare. From this ontology, 80 parameters, that are relevant for welfare, have practicable assessment methods and deliver reliable results were selected and incorporated into a model. The model, named MyFishCheck, allows the evaluation of welfare in five distinct modules: farm management, water quality, fish group behavior, fish external and fish internal appearance, thereby yielding five individual grades categorizing welfare ranging from critical, poor, acceptable and good.

To facilitate the use of the model, a software application was developed. “With its adaptability to different fish species, farming systems, regulations and purposes as well as its user-friendly digital version, MyFishCheck is the next step towards improved fish welfare assessment and provides a basis for ongoing positive developments for the industry, farmers and fish,” researchers said.

Download the app here.