Hendrix Genetics opens shrimp broodstock facility in Indonesia

The new facility has a production capacity of 100,000 SPF vannamei broodstock per year and will be stocked with the genetics from the company’s Kona Bay operations in Hawaii.

Hendrix and Kona Bay Teams
October 24, 2022

Hendrix Genetics opened its brand-new state-of-the-art SPF Broodstock Multiplication Facility (BMC) located on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The new facility will be stocked soon with the first PPL shipments directly from the Kona Bay operations in Hawaii. It has a production capacity of 100,000 SPF vannamei broodstock per year and will be led by Ari Setiardhi, general manager of Kona Bay Indonesia.

“Our Hawaii base is the home of our genetic engine, it’s the nerve center of our Kona Bay operation and is where our R&D program is operated through close management of Hendrix Genetics R&D. We made the decision almost two years ago to establish BMC operations in all the main shrimp markets. We have operated our temporary facility in Indonesia for a little over one year and today hold over 70% market share. We have been limited by capacity and our new facility in Bali has almost doubled it,” David Danson, director of operations and shrimp at Hendrix Genetics, told Hatchery Feed & Management.

The BMC is stocked with the same genetics as if a client bought directly from Hawaii, however, they now receive a locally reared broodstock. “The locally reared broods are better acclimatized to the local environmental conditions, they are less stressed – because of no long shipping times – and this ensures the animals can now express their true genetic potential ensuring our clients win,” Danson said.

Danson explained that the Bali location is even more important, a highly bio-secure facility with little to no shrimp farming activities in the vicinity. “Previously, our clients had to place orders months in advance, they had to ensure they applied for import permits, provided quarantine upon arrival and they ran the gauntlet of flight disruptions – particularly through the pandemic. Now, they have access to the same world-class genetics, but they can place an order one day and have the animals delivered the next, extremely convenient for them and of course less risky for all,” Danson stated.

“The new BMC has an even greater broodstock capacity than our existing facility which will in turn allow us to build our market leader position in Indonesia even further. We very much look forward to continuing supporting the hatcheries and farmers of the ever-improving Indonesian shrimp industry,” said David Danson, director of operations and shrimp at Hendrix Genetics.

Additionally, Hendrix Genetics is currently constructing a BMC in India, which is double the size of the one in Indonesia, has a BMC in Malaysia, a hatchery operation in Ecuador (400 million PL/month) and is currently exploring further collaboration opportunities around the globe.

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