Australian Crayfish Hatchery announces investment opportunities

With the completion of stage one of its fully-integrated crayling production facility, the company initiated a campaign to invest in its redclaw farming technology and fishmeal-free feed.

Australian Crayfish Hatchery announces investment opportunities
September 10, 2020

With the completion of stage one of the fully-integrated crayling production facility of Australia Crayfish Hatchery (ACH), the company initiated the "Redclaw Opportunity" nationally and internationally. Within the campaign, ACH announced three main investment opportunities: The ACH IP, the ACH Redclaw Farm and the ACH Fishmeal-free Feed.

The ACH IP’s objective is to find forward-looking investors to set up major outposts around the world to secure steady/sufficient supply of healthy craylings all year around. ACP IP is a fully integrated turn-key solution, involving world-first, state-of-the-art hatchery, larval rearing and vertical breeding technologies, which can be readily implemented anywhere in the world within a short period of time.

The ACH Redclaw is looking for investors to supply global unmet demand for years to come. This initiative is for those who are considering investing in ACH’s redclaw farm, investing in their own farm or converting an existing paddock into a redclaw crayfish farm. ACH is putting the final touches to the most advanced redclaw farming course.

ACH Fishmeal-free Feed is seeking reliable partners to manufacture its proprietary fishmeal-free feed, Entomix, with which to conquer consumer and commercial world markets. Entomix is insect-based, protein-rich, feed that has proved successful in enriching the diet of its crayfish in ways unknown hitherto and improving their health overall. 

With an ever-increasing and insatiable demand for redclaw crayfish worldwide, exceptional investment opportunities abound. In the words of Mike Rubino from NOAA Fisheries, "redclaw can become for Australia’s aquaculture industry what mussels are for New Zealand."  "Australia has the land, the climate, the water, and now, with the help of Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH), the know-how and technologies to become a redclaw crayfish superpower," the company said.

Read more about the ACH technology is the latest issue of Hatchery F&M magazine. More information about the Redclaw Opportunity here.