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GOAL 2021 conference in Seattle goes virtual

The uncertainty surrounding international travel was the main reason behind the decision to cancel the in-person event in Seattle.

GOAL 2021 conference in Seattle goes virtual
June 24, 2021

The Global Seafood Alliance’s GOAL: The Responsible Seafood Conference will be held virtually. The decision to go virtual again this year comes four months after the launch of a reinvented GOAL conference featuring a hybrid experience with a series of seven virtual events beginning in April and culminating with an in-person event in Seattle, USA, in October. The uncertainty surrounding international travel was the main reason behind the decision to cancel the in-person event in Seattle. The next in-person GOAL will be held at The Okura Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, from October 24-27, 2022.

“Although we’re confident that we can safely gather in-person, which our attendees are eager to do, we’re not as confident that international travel will return to a level that will allow us to host 400 to 500 guests from around 30 countries. GOAL would not be the same without international representation,” said GAA CEO Wally Stevens. “Although we’re disappointed that we’re not holding an in-person event in Seattle this year, we’re excited to finally be in Tokyo next year and will put all of our efforts toward making GOAL 2022 our best conference yet. In the meantime, we continue to deliver quality content to our valued members through our series of virtual events.”

So far this year, three virtual events have been held: “Tomorrow’s Aquaculture Will Be Shaped by Today’s Emerging Technologies” on April 15, “Want To Sell More Seafood In A COVID-19 World? Retail and Foodservice Buyers Share Their Success Stories” on May 13 and “Innovations in Marketing & Product Development: Maintaining At-Home Seafood Consumption Growth” on June 17, attracting a total of around 500 attendees. The next virtual event on social accountability will be held on Thursday, July 15. Virtual events are open to all GAA individual and corporate members, and the decision on how to access the eighth and final virtual event will be made in the coming weeks.

The final virtual event will showcase Seattle, with content on both aquaculture and wild fisheries. As the Global Aquaculture Alliance transitions to the Global Seafood Alliance this year, GOAL is expanding its scope to include both aquaculture and wild fisheries content. The final virtual event will also feature the exclusive 2021 Shrimp Aquaculture Production Survey and Analysis and the 2021 Finfish Aquaculture Production Survey and Analysis, which for years have been a GOAL centerpiece. The three finalists of the 2021 Global Aquaculture Innovation Award will also be highlighted. The final virtual event is tentatively scheduled for November 16 and 17.