NaturalShrimp files patent application with its technological partner

The company and Hydrenesis announce the filing of a United States joint-patent application to strengthen electrocoagulation and HydroGas technology’s intellectual property protection.

NaturalShrimp files patent application with its technological partner
NaturalShrimp’s EC device
October 11, 2022

Electrocoagulation and HydroGas technologies have shown efficacy in improving welfare scores not only in shrimp production but also in finfish, as evidenced by third-party trials conducted at an aquaculture testing facility in Bergen, Norway.

The newly filed patent application involves technology co-developed by NaturalShrimp and Hydrenesis as a strategy to strengthen the existing intellectual property protection with additional, and more advanced methods and equipment. NaturalShrimp will license the Electrocoagulation and HydroGas technologies for various aquatic species.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and broad applications for our technologies, not just in shrimp, but also in additional aquatic species,” said Tom Untermeyer, COO, and CTO at NaturalShrimp. “Our work with Hydrenesis to develop the new technologies has strengthened our engineering capabilities, and we look forward to ongoing co-development work with Hydrenesis to enhance our intellectual property portfolio even further.”

“As we continue to expand our shrimp production capabilities, having an additional intellectual property such as this will only strengthen our presence both domestically and internationally, as we expand over the next several years,” said Gerald Easterling, NaturalShrimp’s CEO.

“The cohesive relationship between the NaturalShrimp and Hydrenesis engineering teams has accelerated the development of our technologies as we focus on an aggressive growth trajectory. This joint patent represents more than twelve months of collaboration and is expected to add shareholder value as the commercialization phases unfold,” added David Antelo, Hydrenesis’s president and CEO.