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Handbook of microalgae-based processes and products

The Handbook of Microalgae-based Processes and Products provides a complete overview of all aspects involved in the production and utilization of microalgae resources at a commercial scale. Divided into four parts (fundamentals, microalgae-based processes, microalgae-based products, and engineering approaches applied to microalgal processes and products), the book explores the microbiology and metabolic aspects of microalgae, microalgal production systems, wastewater treatment based in microalgae, CO2 capture using microalgae, microalgae harvesting techniques, and extraction and purification of biomolecules from microalgae.

It covers the largest number of microalgal products of commercial relevance, including biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen, single-cell protein, single-cell oil, biofertilizers, pigments, polyunsaturated fatty acids, bioactive proteins, peptides and amino acids, bioactive polysaccharides, sterols, bioplastics, UV-screening compounds, and volatile organic compounds.

Moreover, it presents and discusses the available engineering tools applied to microalgae biotechnology, such as process integration, process intensification and techno-economic analysis applied to microalgal processes and products, microalgal biorefineries, life cycle assessment and exergy analysis of microalgae-based processes and products.

The coverage of a broad range of potential microalgae processes and products in a single volume makes this handbook a reference for engineering researchers in academia and industry in the fields of bioenergy, sustainable development and high-value compounds from biomass, as well as graduate students exploring those areas. Engineering professionals in bio-based industries will also find valuable information here when planning or implementing the use of microalgal technologies.

Check out the book here.

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