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Algobank-Caen (French)

Algobank-Caen is the microalgal culture collection of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France. The collection consists of 471 strains of marine, brackish water and freshwater microalgae. Algobank-Caen is an independent service culture collection dedicated to ensuring the long-term conservation, the quality and the distribution of this biological resource and to making available a maximum amount of information relating to the identity and origin of each strain.

Algobank-Caen is a non profit making structure, income generated from the microalgal supply service representing a minor (but nevertheless vital) contribution to the costs of maintaining the strains.

Algobank-Caen provides monospecific microalgal strains for research, education and industry. Simple or multi-criteria searches can be conducted in the catalogue of strains.

Algobank-Caen also provides culture media and practical guidance on microalgal culturing.
Algobank-Caen accepts the free deposit of strains which can be included in the public catalogue, as well as the contractual deposit of confidential strains.

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