Kvidul secures permit for salmon RAS farm in Norway

The company has been granted an aquaculture permit for the production of 10 million salmon smolts and 20,000 tonnes of harvested salmon on land at Brennholmen.


January 3, 2023

In April 2022, Kvidul applied for an aquaculture permit for the production of 10,000,000 salmon smolts up to 560 grams and 20,000 tonnes of harvested salmon on land at Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality. The requested biomass was 2,500 tonnes for the smolt and 13,000 tonnes for the harvested fish.

After the public sector authorities involved have reviewed and given their respective decisions on the application, Trøndelag County Authority approves the application for an aquaculture permit.

“We are very pleased with the county authority's decision and look forward to start the detailed design and construction of the facility at Brennholmen. The plant will be the first for the production of harvested fish from salmon on land in Trøndelag,” the company said.

In February 2022, AquaMaof signed a framework agreement with Kvidul to deliver the RAS technology.

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