Project highlights the importance of eyestalk ablation-free supply chain

The Eyestalk Ablation-Free Recognition Project is inviting companies to commit to eliminate this practice.

Credits: Hatchery Feed & Management
May 6, 2024

The Shrimp Welfare Project launched a new website for the Eyestalk Ablation-Free Recognition Project (ESA-free), which recognizes companies that have committed to eliminating eyestalk ablation from their supply chain, promoting better welfare for shrimp. Major retailers have already made this commitment, such as Marks & Spencer (UK), John Lewis Partnership/Waitrose (UK) and Albert Heijn (the Netherlands), as well as Rilarvi hatchery from MER Seafood (Honduras). The organization is inviting more companies to join the project.

Eyestalk Ablation (ESA) involves removing all or part of a shrimp's eyestalks through crushing, cutting, or burning to induce spawning artificially. Not only does ESA negatively impact shrimp health and welfare, offspring quality, and survival rates, but it also consequently affects both production and profitability for shrimp farmers.

The webpage showcases the importance of corporate alignment with growing consumer demand for ethically sourced seafood. Various international seafood certification standards have also required eyestalk ablation to be banned.

Check out the website here.