LED lighting can improve shrimp production

Signify and ShrimpVet completed a series of shrimp trials and found that blue and green spectra positively impact shrimp growth.

LED lighting can improve shrimp production
January 17, 2022

Signify and ShrimpVet completed a series of shrimp trials and found that both static and dynamic light recipes can significantly improve shrimp production with growth benefits of up to 30%. Blue and green spectra prove most beneficial. 

Faster growth rates, higher yields

The benefits are broad. First, faster growth rates mean shorter production cycles, more cycles in the year, and essentially higher production. It also reduces the time for diseases to take root. Additionally, survival rates are higher, and the shrimp’s weight increases by as much as 30%. The lighting recipes also help shrimp to metabolize food better, improving the feed conversion ratio, meaning that fish farmers need less feed necessary to achieve a certain weight of shrimp. On top of more efficient shrimp production, this is a win for the environment, as it results in less waste in the water. A third benefit is that Signify’s light recipes eliminate sources of stress that can affect shrimp. The researchers can control environmental conditions and calibrate them to the circadian rhythm of shrimp, improving their resistance to pathogens and their immunity in general. 

An ongoing partnership for innovation

“We didn't have much understanding of using lighting solutions until working with Signify,” said ShrimpVet founder and director Loc Tran, commenting on his innovative company’s partnership with the industry-leading lighting solutions provider. “Signify has brought us knowledge and experience in system installation and operation and since Signify's image and branding are so good, we're happy to partner and receive help from them. I see huge potential for us to increase production, reduce environmental pollution and make our production system more sustainable.” 

“Thanks to the professional diagnostic services of the researchers and technicians at Shrimpvet, we were able to validate our insights with success,” said Remco Lansbergen, general manager aquaculture at Signify. “With our patented Philips LED lighting, we are now able to significantly support vannamei shrimp farmers, boosting their yield, while making their shrimp farming activities more sustainable.”

ShrimpVet and Signify used two types of shrimp tanks during the experiments that took place in Vietnam in early 2021, lightless shrimp tanks that served as control environments, and tanks outfitted with Signify LED luminaires. The Signify/ShrimpVet research collaboration continues.