Hendrix Genetics expands its shrimp breeding network to India

The company and Sapthagiri Hatcheries will jointly establish a broodstock multiplication center in Andhra Pradesh for the benefit of the Indian shrimp industry.

Hendrix Genetics expands its shrimp breeding network to India
April 1, 2022

With the formation of a new company, Kona Bay India PVT Ltd, Hendrix Genetics and Sapthagiri Hatcheries will jointly establish a broodstock multiplication center for the benefit of the Indian shrimp industry. Beginning in early 2023, Indian shrimp hatcheries will be able to source high-quality, specific pathogen-free (SPF) broodstock, that have been locally reared. This is the next step in Hendrix Genetics's strategy to establish grow-out facilities closer to its customers, making its product more accessible for all hatcheries and farmers, and of which Kona Bay Indonesia has been the successful first step in 2020.

Hendrix Genetics’ shrimp breeding activities are well-known under the name of Kona Bay. Regular batches from the Kona Bay strategic nucleus in Hawaii will supply the Indian facility with the best quality production post larvae (PPL), which in its broodstock multiplication center will be grown to mature broodstock size under local conditions. This will overcome the hurdle of importing broodstock for hatcheries in India and will ensure year-round availability of genetically enhanced broodstock.

The newly constructed BMC will be based at an SPF facility in Kotapalem Village, Ranastalam Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. The facility will be constructed in a modular way, to allow for increased local demand for Kona Bay broodstock, just like Hendrix Genetics has experienced in Indonesia. The first modules with a capacity of producing over 100,000 SPF Vannamei broodstock per year plan to be operational by the end of 2022.

David Danson, director of operations and shrimp of Hendrix Genetics, stated, “we are excited to announce this next step in the expansion of our global shrimp breeding activities. As a key market for us, we look forward to making high-quality, SPF shrimp more accessible. We are staying true to our commitment to providing all our valued customers with the very best broodstock that is customized for the highest performance characteristics needed to support this great industry in India.”

Sri. Sathi Suryanarayana Reddy, managing partner of Sapthagiri Hatcheries, said that “Sapthagiri is the forerunner of adopting new technologies and advancements. We are the backbone of numerous farmers following our years of commitment to ethics and quality for the welfare of farmers. The partnership with Hendrix Genetics is a next step in securing year-round access to high-quality broodstock for all Indian farmers and hatcheries.”

The Kona Bay brand has been one of the main suppliers in the Indian market for shrimp broodstock with approximately 40% market share. With this new venture, Hendrix Genetics expects to expand its market share and volume, as the industry grows in line with forecasts, and broodstock is becoming available to all hatcheries, without the hurdles of the importing process. 

Kona Bay India is part of the strategic expansion plans of the aquaculture business unit of Hendrix Genetics. Today, the company has shrimp breeding and production activities in Hawaii, Ecuador, Malaysia and Indonesia.