ECOshrimp to develop shrimp feeds for RAS

The company partnered with Zemach Feed Mill to develop optimized shrimp feeds for RAS systems.

ECOshrimp to develop shrimp feeds for RAS
January 18, 2022

Israeli animal feed producer, Zemach Feed Mill, partnered with ECOshrimp to develop optimized shrimp feeds for RAS systems. 

“The new collaboration is another step in positioning  Zemach, which is already the largest feed supplier in Israel for fish farming,” said Shlomo Pleven, R&D manager Zemach Feed Mill. “The feed will be carefully designed by the R&D department and in collaboration with our nutrition department to suit the intensive ECOshrimp growing system at all stages of the life cycle and meet the high standards of growing fresh and healthy shrimp, without the use of antibiotics and chemicals.”

ECOshrimp has been operating an R&D facility in Kibbutz Revivim since 2016, producing about 5 tons of shrimp per year. The company will soon begin construction of a commercial facility in the Ashalim area that will initially produce about 33 tons of shrimp, with an option to expand production to about 100 tons per year. It will be the first in a series of large facilities under construction abroad. 

“The closed system developed by ECOshrimp has significant environmental, health and economic benefits, compared to the traditional farming systems in shallow pools near the sea that utilize large areas of great ecological importance, such as mangrove forests. The technology utilizes resources more efficiently, while significantly reducing the growing area and allows shrimp to be fed artificially and controlled, without the use of chemicals and antibiotics, until they reach a market weight of up to 25 grams within 15 weeks,” said Eran Hadas, CTO at ECOshrimp.