Conference Proceedings

FINEFISH Final Workshop papers

Improving sustainability of European Aquaculture by control of malformations Ghent, Belgium

October 9, 2019

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Improving the sustainability of European fish aquaculture by the control of malformations - Courtney Hough – FEAP

Malformation diagnostics - Description, classification & application - Giorgos Koumoundouros

Guidelines for classification - A. salmon, rainbow trout and cod - Kirsti Hjelde, Synnøve Helland, Ingrid Lein and Grete Baeverfjord

Skeletal deformities in A. salmon - Temperatures, water quality and nutrition as causative factors, what\'s new? Grete Bæverfjord, Synnøve Helland, Kirsti Hjelde, Ingrid Lein, Harald Takle, Ståle Refstie and Torbjørn Åsgård

Impact of some dietary components on rainbow trout development - Stéphanie Fontagné

Egg incubation temperature as a causal factor for malformations in rainbow trout - Ingrid Lein, Kirsti Hjelde, Synnøve Helland and Grete Baeverfjord

Temperature induced vertebral deformities in Atlantic Salmon - Altered gene expression in susceptible fish - Elisabeth Ytteborg, Grete Baeverfjord, Kirsti Hjelde, Jacob Torgersen & Harald Takle

Effect of abiotic environment on the development of skeletal deformities in European sea bass & Gilthead seabream - Giorgos Koumoundouros

Dietary components as a causal factor for malformations in seabass and seabream. A review of current knowledge with recommendations for practical application - J.L. Zambonino-Infante, Giorgos Koumoundouros, Amos Tandler

Progress in prevention of malformation in cod - Synnøve Helland, Ingrid Lein, Kirsti Hjelde, Grete Baeverfjord

From data to performance: What can we learn from production data? The FineFish development of a tool for data mining and benchmarking - Francesca Margiotta FEAP & Philippe Mack PEPITe