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Waterbase expands into Sri Lankan shrimp feed market

The company appointed Lucky Seven Aqua as its distributor for shrimp feed in Puttalam District, Sri Lanka.

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July 26, 2023

Indian shrimp feed producer, The Waterbase Limited (TWL), has entered the Sri Lankan shrimp feed market appointing Lucky Seven Aqua as its distributor for shrimp feed in Puttalam District, Sri Lanka.

With the increasing popularity of vannamei shrimp farming in Sri Lanka, Waterbase sees immense potential for its high-quality shrimp feed products in the region.

“Farmed shrimp production in Sri Lanka has witnessed significant growth, particularly with the introduction of vannamei shrimp. Waterbase's entry into the market is a positive development for the local aquaculture industry. Our high-quality shrimp feed products will play a crucial role in supporting sustainable shrimp farming practices and improving overall productivity,” said Dr. Mohandas, president-sales at TWL.

“Waterbase's entry into the Sri Lankan market reflects our commitment to expand our global presence, leveraging our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities. Sri Lanka's thriving shrimp farming sector presents a tremendous opportunity for us to provide our premium products and contribute to the industry's growth. We are confident that our partnership with Lucky Seven Aqua will enable us to effectively serve the needs of shrimp farmers in Puttalam District,” said Ramakanth Akula, CEO of Waterbase Limited.

TWL owns several popular brands of shrimp feed with strong acceptance in the shrimp farming community in India. For three decades, the company has played a key role in spreading scientific shrimp farming in India and has provided training and support in farming techniques to several thousands of farmers across the country. The company's R&D efforts are focused on enhancing the quality and efficiency of feeds to meet farmers’ requirements.