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UV technology provider receives endorsement from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute

The endorsement process assesses if the system meets to meet strict aquaculture biosecurity standards through theoretical and practical assessments.

Source: Nuvonic
November 1, 2023

Global UV technology solutions provider Nuvonic received approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), a biomedical research institute specializing in biosecurity. This achievement highlights the reliability, efficiency, and biosecurity improvements in Nuvonic’s UV water treatment systems for aquaculture businesses worldwide.

The NVI has approved Nuvonic’s entire range of USEPA-validated Proline PQ IL (Inline) units. After testing to meet strict aquaculture biosecurity standards, these now fall under the “RASline” banner. In a fast-growing industry with higher stock densities and stricter environmental rules, there’s an urgent need for chemical-free disinfection to curb fish diseases and environmental harm. Nuvonic’s RASLine range safeguards aquatic life, processes, and the environment without chemicals.

Nuvonic provides six RASline models specially designed for efficient water treatment. Using medium-pressure UVC lamps, these UV systems are compact and energy-efficient. They can be customized to target specific microorganisms and precise dosages.

Owre Johnsen, a leading industrial equipment provider based in Norway, is partnering with Nuvonic and believes the NVI-approved UV systems will give further confidence in meeting the aquaculture industry’s biosecurity measures.

“We’re honored to receive endorsement from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. Nuvonic’s NVI-approved UV systems empower aquaculture businesses by providing USEPA-validated UV equipment to prevent fish diseases. This means our systems offer precise UV treatment control, enhanced effectiveness thanks to multi-wavelength lamp tech, space-saving designs, energy efficiency, and efficient management of high water flows. It translates to healthier aquatic life, sustainable processes and a more successful aquacultural venture,” said Danny van Kuringen, regional sales manager – Central Europe at Nuvonic.

The NVI’s endorsement process encompasses a rigorous evaluation comprising theoretical and practical assessments. Nuvonic has provided comprehensive validation results, technical data, and capacity tables. It culminated in a live field test of the UV systems at a fish farm, ensuring that Nuvonic’s UV solutions consistently deliver their promised performance and biosecurity enhancements.