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SyAqua appoints chief technology officer

Craig L. Browdy will lead SyAqua's research initiatives and drive innovation in the field of aquaculture.

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March 1, 2024

SyAqua appointed Dr. Craig L. Browdy as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With his extensive experience and expertise in marine shrimp research spanning over four decades, Browdy is set to lead SyAqua's cutting-edge research initiatives and drive innovation in the field of aquaculture.

SyAqua has consistently set the standard in shrimp breeding, leveraging advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled genomic selection, quantitative genetics, and breeding science. With over 18 generations of breeding, SyAqua has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry by combining superior growth performance with enhanced disease resistance through a meticulously balanced breeding program and advanced molecular biology techniques.

Browdy's illustrious career includes serving as president of the World Aquaculture Society and conducting groundbreaking research in marine shrimp reproduction and genetics. He played a pivotal role in the development of genetically improved specific pathogen-free shrimp as part of the USDA-funded US Marine Shrimp Farming Program Consortium during the 1990s.

At the Waddell Mariculture Center, Browdy led research into zero-exchange biofloc-based shrimp production systems, pushing the boundaries of sustainable aquaculture practices. His contributions to shrimp genomics research, including the development of shrimp microarrays for studying immune mechanisms, have led to significant advancements in the field and culminated in a patent for RNA interference applications in shrimp gene silencing.

With over 16 years of experience in commercial aquaculture research at Novus International and Zeigler Bros. Inc., Browdy has spearheaded the development and commercialization of innovative nutritional technologies and products, revolutionizing animal health solutions and feeding programs.

SyAqua is committed to expanding its market share through a Sustainable Shrimp Technologies platform that prioritizes scalability, regeneration, knowledge-based decision-making, data-driven insights, and technology-driven solutions. Browdy's wealth of experience and leadership will be instrumental in driving applied innovation to address industry challenges and capitalize on new opportunities, ultimately enhancing industry stability, profitability, and sustainability.

“We are thrilled to welcome Craig L. Browdy to the SyAqua team as our Chief Technology Officer,” said Fred Kao, CEO at SyAqua. “His unparalleled expertise and track record of innovation in aquaculture research will be invaluable as we continue to push the boundaries of shrimp breeding and sustainable aquaculture practices.”