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Sludge treatment specialist appoints new personnel

Blue Ocean Technology AS is expanding its team with increasing numbers of projects on land and at sea.

Sludge treatment specialist appoints new personnel
March 3, 2022

The Norwegian experts on sludge treatment in aquaculture, Blue Ocean Technology AS, are growing strongly with increasing numbers of projects on land and at sea at home and abroad and are bringing in new key personnel.

Per Olav Haaland has been hired as process engineer at Blue Ocean Technology. Olav will be a very important piece in the work to constantly take the sludge treatment solutions a step further. He will also be a key figure in the work of providing credible, reliable systems and solutions for the downstream treatment of sludge, tailored customer's need for after-use (biogas, pyrolysis, compost, fertilizers, aquaponics).

With his process expertise, he will have a strong focus on all aspects of the dewatering, purification and reuse chain in order to exploit sludge as the resource it is. 

“We see that customers are thinking bigger and larger facilities, have an increased focus on collecting sludge also in the sea where it is appropriate and want to continuously improve their ESG scores and focus. We are now taking the service organization to the next level, in order to meet the growth we are experiencing in line with customer demands. We will have the capacity to be present for customers also after the facilities have been put into operation in order to achieve even better results through long-term cooperation,” said Hans Runshaug, general manager of Blue Ocean Technology.