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Shrimp RAS specialist achieves milestone in its industrial RAS model

ECOshrimp completed and stocked its shrimp RAS commercial prototype, a step toward building a full-scale commercial shrimp RAS.

Credits: ECOshrimp
December 10, 2023

RAS technology supplier, ECOshrimp, successfully completed and stocked its shrimp RAS industrial model. This state-of-the-art commercial prototype includes a cutting-edge 100m3 tank equipped with innovative filtration and life-supporting units, marking a crucial step towards advancing sustainable shrimp farming and the upcoming establishment of the first industrial farms in Europe and North America.

The 8-meter diameter tank is specifically designed for growing shrimp at high densities, boasting a remarkable production capacity of over 15 kg/m3 before harvest. This achievement is attributed to the incorporation of a proprietary shelving system, enhancing tank surface area and employing other innovative mechanisms to efficiently maintain shrimp in high densities.

“The completion and stocking of our industrialized model mark a significant milestone for ECOshrimp,” said Eran Hadas, CTO at ECOshrimp. “This achievement not only showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology in shrimp farming, but also positions us for the next crucial step of constructing a full-scale commercial shrimp RAS.”

The successful operation of the industrial model serves as a proof-of-concept, providing valuable insights for the company's progression towards an end-to-end solution that includes its own feeding formula and tested grow-out protocols, monitoring and biomass assessment capabilities and vast know-how achieved in the design of a water treatment solution tailored for the specific needs of shrimp.

Credits: ECOshrimp

Credits: ECOshrimp