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RASLab, KYTOS join forces on microbiome management services in RAS

The partnership brings a commercial service to manage and optimize the microbial health and performance of RAS farmers and technology providers.

July 14, 2023

KYTOS and RASLab are collaborating to offer commercial services to manage and optimize the microbial health and performance of RAS systems. KYTOS offers a quantitative overview of the microbiome in the water and biofilter through its RASCheck/RASScreen/RASManage service programs that complement RASLab’s RASseq services where next-generation sequencing identifies all of the bacteria in the biofilter.

By undertaking these combined analyses, it becomes possible to understand how management decisions affect the biofilter in terms of performance and resilience as well as the total microbial environment of the RAS system. Using this information, bespoke services can be offered for optimizing system and fish performance. Starting in August, RASLab customers can benefit from these combined services.

Ruben Props, co-founder and CEO of KYTOS, said that “with RASLab, we have identified a great commercial and R&D synergy for our RAS services. This collaboration aids us in fulfilling our core mission of making microbiome management tools smarter and more accessible to the industry.”

Mark Powell, CEO of RASLab, said, “our RASseq services are complemented by KYTOS toolbox. This collaboration fits in nicely with our provisions of microbial and lab support services to the industry and our research customers and is yet another part of how we drive for innovating the future of aquaculture.”

KYTOS will work closely with RASLab to service farm customers via routine full-service programs, which means that bespoke sampling programs will be implemented, and all sampling materials and sample logistics are arranged. The KytoVial sampling system enables biosecure microbiome sampling of the farm. The KYTOS A.I. engine will process the microbiome data to provide clients with rapid results of up to 10 microbiome health indicators. Digital reports are accessible online and via its secure KytoApp mobile application. Ongoing contract research at RASLab being executed will also be available to be supported by KYTOS technology. It is now possible for customers to choose to use the KYTOS technology for monitoring the microbial environments of fish and RAS systems during research activity that is being carried out at RASLab.