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Partnership to develop LED lighting solutions for land-based aquaculture

Laksesystemer and Agrilight signed a strategic partnership on LED lights developed specifically for land-based aquaculture.

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May 15, 2023

Laksesystemer and Agrilight signed an agreement to commercialize LED lighting solutions for land-based aquaculture. Following more than three years of preparations, the companies are ready for the next phase with a commercially available solution. The objective is to reduce the stress level of fish, improve feed utilization and reduce energy consumption.

“When we met Agrilight, we discovered a new world of knowledge on the use of light for efficient production of food,” said Ole Gabriel Kverneland, general manager at Laksesystemer AS. “It is truly inspiring to work with a knowledgeable and dedicated partner such as Agrilight and we complement each other so well that we have now decided to formalize the partnership. Norway is one of the front runners when it comes to the production of fish, but when it comes to the use of lights, I am certain that we have a lot to learn from agriculture and from the greenhouse industry.”

“Few things are more stressful for a fish as poor light conditions in the form of flickering, uneven light spread or wrong intensity. All food producers know that the key to end product quality is to provide a rearing environment where the animals can thrive. We are therefore very happy to see that long-term testing indicates that we are able to do exactly what we were aiming for, reduce the stress level of the fish,” said Kverneland.

The light was developed for salmon and the initial results have been so promising that the companies are already involved in testing on other species such as tilapia and snails.

Agrilight is specialized in the development and production of light for livestock and has cooperated with Laksesystemers mother company Fjøssystemer for 20 years. Experience from light control for cows, poultry, goats, insects and greenhouse (with their sister company Hortilux) is now supporting the development of new solutions with specific properties for fish.