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Norwegian aquaculture supplier rebrands, targets international growth

Refrigerant solutions supplier, Proff Kulde, rebrands as Tempia and establishes a new facility in Tromsø.

Mathias Ingebrigtsen_managing director of Tempia
Mathias Ingebrigtsen, managing director of Tempia
August 31, 2023

Svolvær-based Proff Kulde AS, which is a supplier of refrigerant solutions to the aquaculture and fisheries industries, is expanding its footprint in Northern Norway by establishing a new facility in Tromsø. Further, the company will rebrand to “Tempia”.

Proff Kulde/Tempia increases its workforce by an additional 40% by establishing a new sales and service unit in Tromsø aimed at servicing aquaculture, fisheries and land-based industries. The unit will have nine employees from the beginning and consist of numerous highly experienced technicians who will conduct installation and maintenance work on refrigerant and heating solutions.

“We want to provide current and new customers in North Norway with an even better and faster service offering through greater proximity and higher capacity,” said Mathias Ingebrigtsen, managing director of Tempia.

Tempia’s proprietary products are based on natural refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia. Its product range consists of RSW solutions (refrigerated seawater), and cooling and freezing facilities for fishery, aquaculture and land-based industries. Additionally, Tempia supplies heat pump systems for cooling and heating of freshwater and seawater and industrial ice machines for the production of ice.

Following many years of operating under the Proff Kulde name, the company will now rebrand to "Tempia". The name change reflects that the company will target further international growth going forward, which requires a company name that works well outside Norway’s borders too. “The name change marks a new chapter for us, and our ability to deliver high-quality products is stronger than ever,” said Mathias Ingebrigtsen.

Seafood investor Bluefront Equity is Tempia’s largest shareholder.