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Luminis achieves breakthrough in enhancing water and shrimp gut microbiomes

Gaining a 56% increase in growth and 30% pathogen load reduction, the company is set to deliver sustainability in the aquaculture industry with NGS-guided precision probiotics.

Luminis Optimised Microbiome in Vannamei(3)
April 9, 2024

Microbiome profiling company, Luminis Water Technologies, has optimized both water and shrimp gut microbiomes, resulting in 56% growth enhancement and a 30% reduction in pathogen loads.

“This breakthrough promises a revolutionary leap in sustainable aquaculture practices and marks a significant milestone in the push to reduce antibiotics in aquaculture and underpin sustainability,” the company said.

Through Next Gen Sequencing of the microbiome, Luminis Water Technologies meticulously identified and tailored microbial communities crucial for fostering a healthy environment in both water and shrimp gut. By leveraging this in-depth understanding, they devised a formula for their Next Gen-guided Precision Probiotics that led to unprecedented growth improvements while significantly curbing pathogen loads.

“Today marks a pivotal moment in aquaculture innovation,” said Rachelle Jensen, CEO of Luminis. “Our team's dedication and expertise have enabled us to revolutionize the way we optimize microbiomes, unlocking remarkable growth potential while ensuring a safer and healthier way to deal with pathogen outbreaks. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this result.”

The optimization process involved a multifaceted approach, integrating precision microbiome engineering techniques with Lumins’ AquaGENius microbiome collection kit together with their Next Gen Precision Probiotics. By modulating the microbiome in both water and shrimp gut, Luminis achieved an optimal balance that facilitated enhanced nutrient uptake, improved digestive efficiency, and a fortified immune system in the shrimp population.

The innovative techniques deployed by Luminis not only fostered robust shrimp growth but also mitigated the risks associated with pathogenic threats, thereby ensuring a more stable and resilient shrimp farming ecosystem.

“The implications of this breakthrough extend far beyond the aquaculture industry. The success achieved by Luminis in optimizing microbiomes presents a promising platform for addressing broader environmental and agricultural challenges, offering a glimpse into a future where microbiome interventions drive sustainable solutions across various sectors,” the company said.