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IMAQUA names renowned professors to its board of scientific advisors

Hans Nauwynck and Peter Bossier joined IMAQUA’s Board of Scientific Advisors, which specializes in research services for the shrimp aquaculture industry.

From left to right: Peter Bossier, João J. Dantas-Lima and Hans Nauwynck. Credits: IMAQUA
January 4, 2024

Ghent University professors, Dr. Hans Nauwynck and Dr. ir. Peter Bossier, joined Belgium-based contract research organization IMAQUA’s Board of Scientific Advisors. Nauwynck and Bossier have been providing support and scientific advice to IMAQUA since its creation through partnerships, student collaborations and joint research projects, including Baekeland PhD mandates.

IMAQUA established a Board of Scientific Advisors to advise the company on its research activities, plans and organizational structure, facilitating the creation of knowledge and further development of IMAQUA’s shrimp health research portfolio. The board should meet at least four times per year to deliberate on research topics.

Dr. Hans Nauwynck

Nauwynck is the director of the Laboratory of Virology. He has more than 20 years of experience in research on viral diseases in mammals, fish and crustaceans. Currently, he lectures on several courses on viral diseases in mammals, fish and shellfish. His research focuses on the molecular pathogenesis of viral diseases in humans and animals, with special emphasis on (i) the entry of the virus in its host cell, (ii) the invasion of the virus in its host through barriers, via leukocytes and along neurons and (iii) the escape of the virus from immunity. Better insights led to the development of new diagnostics, better viral disease control measures and tailor-made vaccines.

With 20 years of experience in the field of viral shrimp infections, he uses his expertise in pathogenesis and control of viral diseases to identify and document the way White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infects and kills its host.

He is (co-)author of more than 400 publications, past promoter of over 70 PhDs, owner of multiple patents and founder of UGent spin-off Pathosense.

Prof. Dr. ir. Peter Bossier

Bossier is a globally renowned leading expert on multiple aquaculture research domains such as microbial community management, host-microbial interactions, genetics, microbiome, blue biotechnology and disease management. He is (co-)author of more than 350 publications, past promotor of over 65 PhDs and editor of Aquaculture journal since 2017.

Professor Bossier has recently retired from the directorship of the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center at Ghent University, where, for over 20 years, he managed all scientific research of the center, MSc in Aquaculture program (and since 2021 the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in “Aquaculture Health Management”) and coordinated research groups, inter-university research programs and projects, including joint Baekeland PhD projects and industrial research projects with IMAQUA.