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Hatchery feed innovator’s CEO steps down

Marcell Boaventura has stepped down as CEO of hatchery feed innovator Molofeed and Chelsea Andrews joined as sales director in Asia.

Molofeed R&D hatchery facility in Brazil. Credits: Molofeed
April 4, 2024

Marcell Boaventura has stepped down as CEO of hatchery feed innovator Molofeed.

Boaventura held the position for the past three years. During his lead, the company developed new processes and products, scale-up production, delivered an R&D aquaculture facility in Brazil, succeeded in the import/export regulatory environment, achieved brand recognition, delivered against commercial goals, launched new products in the market and met sales targets in Asia and Latin America, Boaventura said.

Founded in 2015, Molofeed is a feed company dedicated to the development, production, and supply of specialized, innovative, high-quality feeds for fish and shrimp with continuity in performance from hatchery to harvest. A Norwegian company specializing in microencapsulation, Molofeed has developed and patented a method for creating a new microcapsule that allows any water-soluble nutrients to be enclosed in a shell. The capsules can then be dried into a powder-like product, allowing for easy storage and long shelf life.

In 2019, Aqua-Spark added Molofeed to its investment portfolio.

“Despite my passion for the company, stepping down from my position in Molofeed is timely. I believe every change happens for the best, and I am confident the team at Molofeed will make the most out of the foundations we built to succeed and take the company to the next level in the most abundant way,” Boaventura said.

At the same time, Molofeed has expanded its team appointing Chelsea Andrews as sales director in Asia. Chelsea brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for driving growth in the Asian market. She joins from American Penaeid where she led the company’s Asian market and before that, from Xpertsea. “With her strategic mindset and proven track record in sales, we are confident she will lead our Asia expansion to new heights,” the company said.