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Fresh-flo pond and transport aerators add critical oxygen to water so fish stay healthy

Three pond aerator models and two transport aerator models operate in fresh or salt water. Many call these pond aerators the “Fresh flo” as they have been dependably in use for over 50 years.

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Background aerator in action and pond and transport product models
May 1, 2024

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For aqua farming operations with higher stocking densities, an aerator is necessary to enhance fish growth and production. Studies prove inadequate dissolved oxygen (DO) adversely affects fish growth, weight gain and even survival rate. The concentration of nutrients like phosphorous, ammonia, and nitrate can cause phytoplankton blooms and may need to be stripped from the water. 

Many call the pond aerators the “Fresh flo” as they have been dependably in use worldwide for over 50 years. All patented aerator models use tremendous centrifugal force to add oxygen to water and eliminate obnoxious gases. In freezing weather, the aerators keep water open and prevent winter-kill.

Pond aerators are the model AE (1/3 Hp. with 225/gallon capacity minimum), model BE (1/2 Hp. with 340-gallon capacity minimum, and model BTE (1 Hp. with 550-gallon capacity minimum). Each features a weatherproof electric motor and operates on 115/230 volt AC. These aerators are ideal for ponds and larger raceways. 

Purging is another term used for aeration. Besides the primary function of adding oxygen to water, aerators dislodge obnoxious gases, dissolve organic wastes, and reduce water temperature. These critical operations help ensure increased production, reduced loss, and improved growth rates for fish.   

When transporting fish via truck or boat, if they don’t continue to get the proper oxygen, they may be compromised or die, thus affecting profits. Install a transport aerator for short or long hauls to ensure fish stay healthy.  

Transport aerators are the model TT (12 volt with 100-400 gallon capacity) and model DT (1/6 Hp. with up to 600-gallon capacity). The TT operates from a truck or boat’s electrical system. The DT operates on 115/230 volt single phase AC but can be adapted easily for truck use with a generator; it’s ideal for small stationary tanks and raceways.

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