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FAI Farms unveils shrimp welfare website and online training course

The site features FAI’s welfare assessment protocol and its first online training course on shrimp welfare.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 08-01-09 Shrimp Welfare
September 6, 2023

FAI Farms launched its Shrimp Welfare project's new website, to showcase the shrimp welfare assessment protocol and debut the first online training course in shrimp welfare. This milestone in sustainable aquaculture will be unveiled by FAI's chief technology officer, Ralf Onken, at the Global Shrimp Forum in Utrecht.

Shrimp farming represents one of the most significant sectors in animal agriculture, with over 167 billion Litopenaeus vannamei farmed annually worldwide. As consumer and farmer concerns regarding the well-being of these shrimp continue to grow, FAI Farms is committed to addressing this critical issue through its groundbreaking bottom-up approach to fish welfare. This approach is meticulously designed to identify improvement opportunities that benefit both farmer profit and animal welfare.

The website is a user-friendly platform that serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering insights, guidelines, and practical solutions for optimizing welfare in shrimp aquaculture. The site features FAI’s welfare assessment protocol and its first online training course on shrimp welfare, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and soon Thai and Chinese. These resources are designed for shrimp farmers, processors, retailers and researchers globally, allowing them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement best practices across the four essential domains of shrimp welfare: nutrition, environment, health, and behavior.

Ralf Onken, chief technology officer at FAI Farms, commented, "we are excited to introduce, our pioneering online training course and related digital tools at the Global Shrimp Forum. Shrimp farming plays a crucial role in global food security, and we believe that prioritizing shrimp welfare is not only ethical but also essential for the industry's long-term viability. FAI Farms is committed to supporting shrimp farmers in their journey towards sustainable and welfare-conscious practices.”