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Cflow, Andfjord Salmon partner to advance land-based aquaculture facility

The partnership aims to establish controlled and predictable production processes.

From left to right_project manager Tom Christian Dahl (Cflow) CMO Gunnar Hoff (Cflow) and project director Jostein Nilssen (Andfjord Salmon) Photo by Cflow
From left to right: project manager Tom Christian Dahl, Cflow, CMO Gunnar Hoff, Cflow, and project director Jostein Nilssen, Andfjord Salmon. Credits: Cflow
June 19, 2023

Fish handling technology provider, Cflow, and land-based farmers, Andfjord Salmon, signed a strategic partnership to further develop the groundbreaking land-based aquaculture facility at Andøya, Norway.

Andfjord Salmon is renowned for its innovative land-based aquaculture project in Kvalnes, combining sustainable aquaculture practices with the unique advantages of land-based production. The ongoing first production cycle has showcased exceptional biological conditions, fish welfare and health, robust growth, and industry-leading salmon survival rates. In the pilot phase, approximately 700 tons of salmon are slated for harvest in the transition period between June and July. The subsequent construction phase aims to achieve an annual production capacity of approximately 19,000 tons of salmon. With expansion plans for two additional locations in Andøya, the goal is to reach a total annual production volume of 90,000 tons.

Cflow has extensive experience in aquaculture technology, specializing in the development of advanced technical systems for handling live fish. Their interdisciplinary expertise and collection of comprehensive experience data in fish handling have contributed to establishing Cflow as a reliable and reputable player in the market.

The strategic partnership aims to establish controlled and predictable production processes. “Through this collaboration, we will merge our expertise in land-based aquaculture with Cflow's technology, enabling safe and sustainable production processes for live fish,” stated Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon. “Technology plays a vital role in the modernization of aquaculture. Having control over factors influencing fish welfare and the environment leads to optimized operations, energy efficiency, and predictable production.”

“This partnership empowers Cflow to apply our unique competence and solution portfolio to contribute to the significant progress in land-based aquaculture. Land-based aquaculture offers unparalleled advantages by allowing comprehensive control and monitoring of factors affecting fish welfare, biosecurity, and byproduct management. Through the collection of historical data, in-depth analyses, and harnessing our interdisciplinary expertise, we will ensure safe project implementation and predictable production processes,” said Gunnar Hoff, CMO of Cflow.