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CAT expands team

Simon Hill was appointed as chief business development officer to drive growth and expansion.

Simon Hill
August 1, 2023

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) appointed Simon Hill as chief business development officer. In this role, Hill will spearhead strategic growth initiatives, expanding market reach, driving global expansion, and forging long-term partnerships, with a special focus on the rapidly advancing genome editing space.

Simon brings over 20 years of business development experience to the table. His expertise spans strategy development, dynamic financial modeling, and project management. He has led multiple key market entries and service offerings within the scope of aquaculture genetics and research.

John Buchanan, CAT’s CEO, said that “with his extensive experience in long-term strategic planning and structural development, Simon Hill is the perfect fit for this new position. I am very pleased to welcome him to the team. His inclusion will enhance value to our clients and create new opportunities for boosting efficiency and sustainability in the aquaculture sector.”

Simon is passionate about what CAT has achieved to date and looks forward to expanding their reach and impact. “I’m very excited to be joining the senior management team at the Center for Aquaculture Technologies. CAT is at the forefront of technologies that are essential for the sustainable and profitable development of aquaculture globally and I’m very much looking forward to being at the heart of the strategic development of both CAT and their clients.”

With Simon’s appointment, CAT is well-positioned to expand their global market share and further strengthen their position as a leading provider of genetic services to the aquaculture industry.