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Benchmark reorganizes its commercial team for salmon

Kate Furhovden Stenerud and Thommy Holmvåg were promoted to new leading commercial roles to sustain successful sales growth of the salmon product range.

Kate Furhovden Stenerud (left) is Benchmak's new commercial director and Thommy Holmvåg (right) is commercial lead for genetics in Norway.
May 5, 2023

Benchmark has promoted Kate Furhovden Stenerud as commercial director for salmon, while Thommy Holmvåg is the new commercial lead for genetics in Norway. These changes are part of the company's strategy to enhance its sales of genetics and health products for the aquaculture industry. The sales department is now better equipped to continue the positive growth of Benchmark's product range.

Stenerud takes over the commercial responsibility from Geir Olav Melingen, who will be the new head of Benchmark Genetics. Stenerud previously worked with regional customer responsibility in South Norway and has collaborated closely with the global sales team. In her new role, she will report to Melingen.

“Kate has proven to be a strong candidate for this role, and we are delighted to have her take on this new responsibility. Her contribution will continue the great work that has been done in genetics and health for salmon worldwide,” said Melingen.

Benchmark's commercial teams for Atlantic salmon are located in Norway, the UK, Iceland, North America, and Chile. The company provides fertilized salmon eggs and delousing services to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Newly created position

To support Stenerud in her new role, Thommy Holmvåg has been appointed as commercial lead for genetics in Norway, a newly created position, and will report directly to her. Holmvåg previously held the responsibility of managing regional customers in Northern Norway.

“Thommy is a dynamic and collaborative team player who effectively communicates with both our customers and the team. These strengths will help us further develop our work both internally and externally,” commented Stenerud.

The commercial team and genetics marketing department were reorganized in June 2022 to focus more holistically on sales and marketing of the company's Atlantic salmon-related products. This restructuring has positively contributed to building even stronger customer relationships and improving collaboration across different departments.