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American Penaeid appoints vice president in Asia

Chelsea Andrews will support the company in developing initiatives to make shrimp farmers sucessful again.

March 28, 2023

American Penaeid appointed Chelsea Andrews as vice president Asia to launch several inititatives in the region.

“The India shrimp industry is in a tough place. Farmers are not stocking ponds, hatcheries are dumping PL's and many have already closed. Farmer payment defaults to hatcheries and feed companies are soaring, energy and feed costs keep rising, payment by processors has been delayed, as they are sitting on unsold inventory and overseas customers are extending payment terms. There is a real shakeout happening right now. Many of the weak will disappear, but the strong are holding firm,” Robin Pearl, CEO at American Penaied, said on LinkedIn.

Andrews, former XpertSea business director in Asia , will develop several inititatives with the focus primarily on making farmers sucessful.