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Shrimp counter successfully tested land-based farm

Sincere Aqua developed a counter that has been tested at Oceanloop’s facility in Kiel.

SC-4K in Oceanloop
SC-4K in Oceanloop
July 20, 2023

Sincere Aqua, a company specializing in biomass insights, has introduced a novel solution for the aquaculture industry. Sincere Aqua's latest innovation, the SC-4K Shrimp Counter, gives the farmer more accuracy and efficiency. Oceanloop, as pioneers in land-based shrimp farming, has embraced this cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrated it into its operations in both farms in Munich and Kiel.

The SC-4K Shrimp Counter is equipped with advanced sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, ensuring precise and reliable shrimp counting during the transfer from nursery to the grow-out phase. With a counting speed of 200,000 shrimp per hour and the ability to accurately count sizes ranging from 2 to 8 centimeters, the SC-4K sets a new industry standard. Sincere Aqua guarantees a minimum accuracy of 90% as long as the average size falls within the 2-8 centimeter range.

Oceanloop's co-CEO, Bert Wecker, recognizes the value of integrating Sincere Aqua's shrimp counting technology into their operations. “Oceanloop is dedicated to continuous improvement and delivering optimal outcomes,” says Wecker. “Sincere Aqua's shrimp counting technology addresses a regularly occurring challenge we face in accurately determining our stocking density, especially at smaller shrimp sizes. With this advanced solution, we can precisely manage our shrimp populations, streamline our operations, and reduce the need for manual handling.”

Sincere Aqua's shrimp counting technology has undergone extensive testing at Oceanloop’s facility in Kiel, demonstrating exceptional accuracy and efficiency. The tests included both pour-through evaluations and innovative piping methods, enabling the counting of shrimp without any manual handling. These tests have seamlessly integrated into Oceanloop's practices and showcased remarkable accuracy.

Fríði Mellemgaard, CEO of Sincere Aqua, commends Oceanloop's commitment to technological advancements and sustainability. “Oceanloop's technologically advanced approach to inland shrimp farming is truly remarkable,” said Mellemgaard. “They employ a multitude of advanced methods and technologies, making them a leading force in the industry. Their dedication to sustainability and adoption of cutting-edge solutions make Oceanloop a true innovator in land-based shrimp farming.”