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Luxmeter introduces LED lamp

The new lighting system features the most efficient LED technology in the market, is recyclable and is made with Chilean copper that avoids adhesions and improves temperature control.

Luxmeter introduces LED lamp
January 17, 2022

Chilean light provider, Luxmeter, presented a new photoperiodic artificial lighting system made of Chilean copper. The company is also celebrating its 20th anniversary as a supplier of aquaculture equipment.

Luxmeter partnered internationally to create a 1,000-watt artificial photoperiodic light, entirely made of Chilean copper and Nichia Corporation LED technology with eight plates, which provides 35% more efficient brightness and 50% longer lifespan, reducing the internal temperature of the LED.

“We want to provide the best technology for our customers, no matter what the cost. Luxmeter is constantly innovating to offer the best energy systems using national copper in a single plate that improves the existing temperature exchange, giving 50% more useful life,” said Claudio Steiner, director of Luxmeter.

Chilean copper is a plate manufactured without any type of welding, avoiding leaks and adherence of organic water sediments, being practically maintenance free. It is also easy to recycle.

“We have become a mature company with the best equipment and energy services available on the market. Our projections are to continue improving, innovating and honestly creating lasting ties between our clients,” added Steiner.

The new photoperiod lighting system will be on the market in the first quarter of 2022. It also integrates software updates to improve fish cycles, especially for the salmon industry. Luxmeter provides lighting systems for the Chilean and international markets.