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Aquasoja offers single feed for seabass and seabream late pre-on growing stage

The company has unified the feeds to suit the nutritional requirements during the transition period between the pre-on growing and on growing phases.

February 28, 2023

Until now, Aquasoja was offering in its product portfolio a 3mm diameter pellet of Mediterraneus (46/18) and Labrax (48/16) feeds to suit gilthead seabream and European seabass nutritional requirements, respectively, during the transition period between the pre-on growing and on growing phases. The difference between those feeds relied on the relation between protein and energy. In 2023, Aquasoja has opted to unify those products into only one, hereinafter referred to Late Pre-Ongrowing (LPO3).

LPO3 is closer to pre-on growing feeds regarding the nutritional profile, meaning it presents high protein levels (48%), necessary for juveniles’ growth, smoothening the transition between pre-on growing feeds (typically ≥50% protein) and the grow-out feeds (typically <45% protein). The energy content – with 16% fat – allows both seabream and seabass to perform properly during this stage.

To cover fish needs in such a sensitive period, LPO3 includes a robust package of functional ingredients oriented to the prevention of bacterial and parasitic infections and the enhancement of the hepatic function with a further positive impact on feed digestibility and nutrient absorption. Additionally, it incorporates highly palatable marine ingredients to promote feed intake.

Given the chewing behavior of seabream, this species typically benefits from eating smaller pellets until later; for example, a 3mm pellet can/shall be fed until 100-150g. As LPO3 is a low-energy feed, and in order not to compromise seabream growth performance in case medium-energy feeds are to be used afterward (like Mediterraneus), the company suggests the feeding of pellet #4 (Ø 3,5mm) to start earlier, at around 80/100g body weight. Besides preventing growth loss, starting earlier with the #4 pellet will lower the feed costs to some extent as LPO3 much more resembles a pre-on growing feed (nutritionally and functionally speaking) compared to the on growing solutions. In turn, seabass may benefit from LPO3 until 60g body weight.