Viet-Uc partners with AI technology developer

The partnership will deploy AquaEasy solutions in Viet-Uc shrimp farms and customers to digitize the shrimp farming industry in Vietnam.

Viet-Uc partners with AI technology developer
Vo Hoang Vu, representing AquaEasy, and Nguyen Cong Can representing Viet-Uc Group, to sign the partnership.
July 25, 2022

Vietnamese shrimp farmer, Viet-Uc Group, partnered with AquaEasy to deploy AquaEasy solutions including AI solutions, intelligent feeder (i-feeder™) and ShrimpTalk™ in 5,000 shrimp ponds in their farms and their customers. With this partnership, Viet-Uc and AquaEasy set up a role model for the shrimp farmers in Vietnam applying smart solutions to increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the shrimp farming industry. 

Nguyen Cong Can, deputy managing director of Viet-Uc Group, said that “the partnership with AquaEasy is a commitment from Viet-Uc to help shrimp farmers in Vietnam by applying new technologies. It helps shrimp farmers save more time and make more money with less risk. The use of technology is critical to success in shrimp farming.”

Established in 2017, AquaEasy, an AI technology aquaculture solution, reduces manual labor and eliminates subjective assessments while improving yield, productivity and environmental sustainability in a commercial-intensive industry. Accurate, real-time data with alerts and recommendations with shrimp telling their status, displayed through a mobile app allows farm owners profitable harvests.  

“AquaEasy smart solution is a holistic technology that can monitor water quality and shrimp pond management with complete solutions ranging from sensors, software and services. It enables shrimp to talk to farmers – when they are hungry, stressed and their needs – this allows for increased profitability and sustainable aquaculture to reduce risks and costs,” said Vo Hoang Vu, sales manager of AquaEasy.

This technology is available for vannamei shrimp farmers throughout Vietnam. AquaEasy hopes that this partnership helps farmers produce disease-free and quality shrimp with increased production quantities, improving livelihoods and developing the next generation of farmers.  

AquaEasy solution is commercially available in three countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.