UAE investment firm acquires a majority stake in Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish is one of Europe’s largest vertically integrated seabass and seabream production and processing companies.

November 1, 2023

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based investment firm, E20 Investment, acquired a majority stake in Turkish seabass and seabream producer Lucky Fish from Mediterra Capital Private Equity.

Established by the Kopuzmar family in 1986, Lucky Fish is one of Europe’s largest vertically integrated seabass and seabream production and processing companies. Operations of Lucky Fish encompass the value chain starting from marine farming and fish feed production to harvesting and value-added processing. Lucky Fish, equipped with vertically integrated facilities, is purely focused on exporting its value-added products to primarily the UK and EU countries. Exports constitute approximately 97% of total food sales. Lucky Fish employs nearly 450 personnel. Mediterra Capital acquired 100% of Lucky Fish in 2013 and has been the driving force for the institutionalization of the company.

“This strategic investment is in line with our investment thesis of investing in sustainable companies operating in the agribusiness sector. Lucky Fish’s dedication to quality and responsible practices mirrors our own values, making this partnership an exciting and promising venture. With this acquisition, we look forward to leveraging our global expertise and resources to support Lucky Fish in expanding its reach and further enhancing its position in the market. Our commitment to nurturing this partnership extends beyond financial investment; we are dedicated to actively contributing to Lucky Fish’s continued success,” said Sultan Al Jaberi, Group CEO of E20 Investment.

“This strategic investment by E20 Investment marks an important milestone in our growth story. With the support of E20 Investment, we are confident that we will be able to grow globally by adding new countries to our target markets as well as increasing our capacity. E20 Investment has given great importance to our capability of delivering premium seafood products to consumers in the developed markets of Europe. I am sure that E20 Investment’s sector expertise and resources will provide us with new opportunities,” said İsmail Aksoy, CEO of Lucky Fish.

“When Mediterra Capital acquired Lucky Fish in 2013, we recognized its niche position in exporting value-added seafood products to Europe. Today, we are excited to enter into a strategic partnership with E20 Investment. We believe that this collaboration represents a significant milestone for Lucky Fish. Over the past few years, Lucky Fish evolved into a leading name in the seabass and seabream sector, driven by its dedication to quality and sustainability. With the entry of E20 Investment, we are confident that the company will outpace its historical growth,” said Murat Erkurt, founding partner of Mediterra Capital.