Spring Genetics signs new agreement in Colombia

The company signed its fourth major contract in the country with Piscícola Botero to supply tilapia breeders.

Spring Genetics signs new agreement in Colombia
Piscícola Botero’s tilapia farm in Huila, Colombia. Photo source: Piscicola Botero.
November 3, 2020

Spring Genetics signed another new agreement in Colombia with Piscícola Botero, a major producer and exporter of tilapia in the Latin American country.

“We are very satisfied with the recent signing of a new and important agreement for the supply of breeders in Colombia. This agreement represents the fourth major contract signed in Colombia by our team in 2020. We are delighted to continue to support the sustainable growth of the tilapia industry in the region,” said Hideyoshi Segovia, commercial manager at Spring Genetics. “Spring Genetics runs one of the most advanced genetic selection programs in the world. We currently have a strong presence in the Latin American market, with proven acceptance in Colombia, where we hope to continue supplying the growing tilapia production industry with our high-performance stock.”

“At Piscícola Botero, our production strategy is based on three pillars: genetic improvement, efficiency in production costs and management of water resources,” said Oscar Botero, president of Piscícola Botero. “The signing of this agreement marks a new milestone for our company. For the first time in our history, we commit ourselves to an investment focused on the renewal and improvement of our stocks with the latest generation of advanced genetics to optimize our production potential and improve the health and welfare of our animals. We are very pleased to work with Spring Genetics on the continuous improvement and progress of our stock.”