Skretting relaunches its website

The new website offers a user-friendly and customer-focused experience and shares all of the company’s latest aquaculture feed solutions.

Skretting relaunches its website
March 30, 2021

Skretting completely overhauled and relaunched its website, offering a user-friendly and customer-focused experience. The new website shares all of the latest aquaculture feed solutions, expertise and insights.

Åshild Vestbø, Digital Communications specialist and project manager for the new website, explained that the decision to deliver a modern, future-proof site that would allow Skretting to partner with the industry and deliver its messages much more effectively was taken in the summer of 2019. Alongside the project’s proof of concept, this was followed by a comprehensive testing program with the new supplier Delaware Digital. Implementation of the new website began in 2020, with inputs from the entire global Skretting network to ensure that local expectations and needs would be met. Cloud technology was utilized to make it faster, more agile and stable, the company said.

“The result is a much more responsive platform that comes complete with a carefully designed new look, enhanced features and improved navigation. A lot of effort has gone into making the content fresher and more valuable to visitors. At the same time, our full product catalog has had a complete overhaul, enabling users to easily filter, explore and compare Skretting products. New filtering options have also been included in our popular news section, making it easier for visitors to read more about subjects they are most interested in. Our website is often the first stop for people getting to know Skretting, and it’s where we share our stories and all the must-knows about us, alongside key insights on wider industry topics,” Vestbø said.

“There’s a lot more interest in the aquaculture sector – from stakeholders and the general public – and we must do all we can to encourage that engagement and interaction. Our previous global website experienced a dramatic increase in visits and users last year, with 1.6 million page views and more than 630,000 visitors, which in itself illustrates that more people than ever before are wanting to know more about what we do, and our role in the value chain,” Vestbø said.

At the culmination of the project, all 23 Skretting sites went live at the same time. Local sites are specifically tailored to offer optimal benefits and relevance to the local market.

“At Skretting, we have so many great stories to tell, not just about the work that we do, but also about the industry as a whole. The new website will allow us to deliver these to a diverse audience that’s keen to know more. We are passionate about aquaculture and will continue to work hard to share insights on why this industry is so important,” concluded Vestbø.