Singaporean partnership develops smart aquaculture solution for fish and shrimp farming

Blue Aqua International partnered with SAS and Temasek Polytechnic to develop a mobile app to boost local production of fish and shrimp.

Singaporean partnership develops smart aquaculture solution for fish and shrimp farming
July 13, 2021

Blue Aqua International partnered with SAS, a leader in analytics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) in Temasek Polytechnic to develop a smart aquaculture solution to boost production of fish and shrimp in Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

The partnership will create a collaborative ecosystem among the three parties to support the local aquaculture industry in Singapore through the development of a smart aquaculture solution for farmers. The AI-driven solution will include a mobile app that is powered by the SAS Viya platform. This will enable farmers to gain insights on critical parameters in aquaculture such as water quality, feed management and animal health through real-time data analytics technology.

Farmers will also be able to receive alerts on the app informing them of any potential issues and the appropriate remedies needed. The constant collection of data can also help generate dashboards to provide users with analytical insights on the quality of their farms.

“The collaboration with technology partners like SAS helps us in our quest to develop smarter solutions such as apps with AI and data analytics capabilities to support the local farming industry. Through the use of analytics, we aim to enable sustainable and intensive aquaculture production to improve the productivity of fish farming in Singapore,” said Lee Chee Wee, center director of the Aquaculture Innovation Center.

“The solution will help in monitoring the culture environment and provide the insights that will support our productivity and yield goals for our smart aquaculture farms. With our extensive network and expertise, we are also able to bring this solution to the aquaculture sector in Singapore. Partnering with leading technology innovators like SAS and AIC to help the local fish and shrimp farming industry get smart is a great move forward. With food security as a key priority, analytics can help in providing the critical insights that bring us to the next level in sustainable and efficient farm production to meet local demand,” said Farshad Shishehchian, Group President, CEO & Founder, Blue Aqua International.

The app will be available for download in app stores by August 2021.