Riverence Holdings acquires Clear Springs Foods

The two companies will have full 'egg to plate' control of the supply chain, as well as increased production, processing, and distribution capacity.

Riverence Holdings acquires Clear Springs Foods
February 10, 2020

Riverence Holdings LLC, parent company of Riverence Brood, has bought Clear Springs Foods, Inc. The family of businesses now includes Riverence Farms in Idaho, and Clear Springs Foods—Riverence's neighbor in Idaho's Magic Valley as well as Riverence Brood in Washington. With the acquisition, Riverence Holdings is now the largest land-based producer of trout in the Americas.
The Magic Valley will continue to be the base of operations for both Riverence and Clear Springs Foods, with the intent to maintain existing brands, team members, and the markets they serve. Together, the companies employ over 450 people.
Together with Clear Springs Foods, Riverence controls the supply chain from its broodstock to delivery to distributors. The Riverence portfolio now includes 14 farms able to produce more than 15,000 metric tons annually, four brood stations, two processing facilities, a value-added processing facility, a waste recovery plant, and a feed mill, all of which are BAP certified or pursuing certification.