Project to maximize oyster production through AI-enabled monitoring

The project will employ AI for an oyster hatchery, with a system using algae and oysters for water filtration, where algae nourish the oysters.

September 28, 2023

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) announced the Maximizing Oyster Production through AI-Enabled Monitoring Project. The project will demonstrate the capacity to cultivate oyster spat while effectively mitigating challenges such as parasites, disease, change effect, and increasing commercial yield for oyster farmers.

The project will employ AI for Clean Valley CIC's Neptune's Hatchery, a system using algae and oysters for water filtration of aquaculture, where algae nourish the oysters. IntegraSEE Research Inc., will develop AI technology to optimize and oversee oyster well-being, including decisions on environmental factors like water temperature, ammonia levels, and pH through oyster monitoring. This scalable technology extends to oyster spat in Clean Valley CIC’s Neptune Hatchery, with the potential to produce over 18 million spat annually.

Led by Clean Valley CIC, and partner IntegraSEE Research Inc., with collaborators Aqua Production Systems, Sober Island Oyster Farmers, SEAentia and Eco Canada, the project has a total value of $1,054,307 where Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is investing almost $415,000 with the rest of funding coming from project partners.

Clean Valley and IntegraSEE aspire to expand their market reach with the knowledge generated from this project that will provide significant market differentiation and alignment with ocean industry demands. The project’s resulting AI SaaS system will also enable the optimization and predictive analytics of the global oyster industry, providing better insight into oyster husbandry. The implementation of AI technology in this system would provide real-time data as well as optimize production performance. This AI will create a competitive edge in the market for operators and producers of oysters who adopt this technology providing higher yields, quality and reliability through the data produced.

“These hatcheries play a crucial role in the sustainability and conservation of oyster populations, as they allow for the controlled reproduction and selective breeding of oysters to enhance their genetic diversity and resilience. Oyster hatcheries aid in the restocking efforts of oyster farms and natural habitats, ensuring a steady supply of oysters and maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. By providing an ideal environment for oyster larvae to grow and develop, hatcheries contribute to preserving this valuable seafood resource for future generations,” said Wayne Carter, CEO, Aqua Production Systems.

The project is one of the nine new AI ocean projects announced by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster with a combined total value of $20 million. These projects are led from five different provinces across Canada and will play a role in helping advance ocean sectors, inform decision making and increase global competitiveness. Check out the list of projects here.