Polychaete feeds

A new company is harnessing the well established benefits of marine worms with the advantages of extrusion technology,  to produce feeds for a variety of aquacultured species and growth stages

October 9, 2019

The impetus for setting up ProChaete Innovations Ltd in 2013 was a very simple one – perceiving a gap in the market for an aquaculture feed which can help answer this question: How can we continue to expand the supply of farmed seafood without further depleting the ocean’s natural resources?

The company is primarily the brainchild of Odd Geir Oddsen, who has many years experience of working at senior levels in the fields of salmon aquaculture and feed production.  With an academic background in molecular biology, earlier in his career, Oddsen was  responsible for facilitating the successful integration of Skretting’s Technology department into Nutreco Aquaculture. His role involved setting up and commissioning a state of the art R&D feed mill. He also engaged directly in technology development, andobtained two patents. 

In subsequent years, Oddsen served as MD of farmed salmon producer Pan Fish Scotland, and oversaw its transition to stand-alone company Lighthouse Caledonia. He then became CEO of global salmon egg producer Salmobreed.

During all of this time, he became increas-ingly aware of the pressing need to find alternatives to fishmeal as a supply of marine protein in aquaculture feed ... Read the full article from the Summer 2014 issue of the Hatcheryfeed magazine.