Norwegian aquaculture technology companies look to Iceland

The new controversial salmon tax proposed by the Norwegian government is one of the reasons why Norwegian companies are looking into international markets.

Faroe Islands delegation2022
Faroe Islands Delegation 2022: In 202, Aqua Cluster visited the Faroe Islands with five companies to present Norwegian technology to the Faroese fish farmers.
March 14, 2023

Stiim Aqua Cluster started a custom-made export program for its cluster member companies in 2021, and the first trip to promote Norwegian aquaculture technology in international markets was carried out in 2022 to the Faroe Islands. Now, Stiim is set for Iceland, bringing representatives from eight of the cluster member companies to meet with representatives from seven Icelandic fish farming companies and representatives from Icelandic authorities and aquaculture clusters.

The Norwegian companies will present their technology, followed by B2B meetings. The group will also visit land-based salmon farming sites in Iceland. There will also be a reception for Icelandic and Norwegian companies at the Norwegian embassy in Reykjavik.

In 2022, fish farmers in Iceland produced a total of more than 46,000 tonnes of salmon, according to the Icelandic food and veterinary authorities (MAST). The production increased by more than 35% from the previous year. This makes Iceland an attractive market for the export of Norwegian aquaculture technology.

The new controversial “ground rent” salmon tax which has been proposed by the Norwegian government is another reason why Norwegian aquaculture technology companies are now, to a greater extent, looking into international markets. There has not yet been a parliamentary vote on the salmon tax issue, and it is not known when the vote will be.

The eight Norwegian companies going to Iceland with Stiim are Aker Solutions, BluePlanet Academy, FishGLOBE, FiiZK, Nordic Clean Pumps, Prosjektil, Water Linked and Ydra. Some of the companies have started their exports to Iceland, while others are eager to explore the possibilities in a growing market.